Our standard rate is €0.06 per word for scientific manuscripts. For non-publishable documents, such as letters to the editor and theses, the standard rate is €0.05 per word.

We charge on a per word basis, which allows you, the client, to know exactly how much you will be billed at the end of the revision, with no surprises! When calculating the total word count of your document, all words in the text, title, and figure/table legends are taken into account, with exception of the ´Reference´ section. Please note, however, if the document is very well written and requires only minor changes then a discount will be applied based on the hours of work done.

First-time clients will receive a 10% discount on the first manuscript (research group level). This allows you to see the quality of our work at an extremely reasonable price.


Payment is required within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Payment is most commonly made by direct bank transfer, but we can also accept:

  • cash
  • PayPal account transfers
  • credit card payments to our PayPal account